Friday, January 28, 2011

My Friday

Not too long ago, all the days usually were the same for me. But since I've been going to school, I now have a schedule. I now have more favorable days than others. Like today, I had only one class but I actually went in earlier to meet with a friend ( also a new thing for me) to study for a test ( WHHAAT??? [I say this in Shawn Spencer from Psych]). I took a group test and had fun. Yes, you heard correctly.

Afterwards, I went in for a school ID and the main reason for getting one is the fact that I can get a discount at the theater. Oh yeah, and to check out books at the college library. I did not smile and I actually look quite sheepish, but when do I not look like that? I just can't take proper pictures for the sole reason that I am smiling at a person behind a box.

So let's fast forward through out my day. Past the attempt to make decent copies of church flyers for the church, I printed them out in all sorts of colorful papers. Past the terrible customer service at Dollar General. Also let's go by my interview with an appliance retail salesperson for my sales class and also a person I met that I technically already knew sometime in the past. Past picking up my little boy from school who always has a smile on his precious little face. And that extra long grin and little hops when he sees me pulling up at the school. Also past my great deal of the week. A pair of super cool binoculars I found at a yard sale for $20! Past whatever else has taken me to now.

Now. 7pm. I find myself sitting at a local McDonald's, at the kid's play area where I am surprised I can even hear myself think. Like all places where sales of rung up, people come and go. I'm now sitting with the 2nd group of McDonalders. I'm looking at this upgraded play area and realized that it is for toddlers only. Just how many 3 and under year old are really in there? Probably like 2 and the rest are older than that, including my own children. Ooops. It looks rather boring. I remember the ones when I was a kid. They are cool tubes where one could get lost. A plastic ball pit that we often through ourselves into.

Uggghh, I just lost my train of thought. I happen to be sitting next to this guy who just pretty much undressed the girl who just walked past us. I see that often and I'd rather believe that men were still at least inconspicuous.

Well another dufus just took the cake . He was sitting next to me and had his kid almost puking. Just as his kid was getting ready to puke it all out, he leaves and spills his soda. What did he do? Just left. The soda started to run towards me. Poor kids are walking all over the puke that has already run through.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My 5 minute blog

Well I'm currently at Phoenix College.My last class ended at 12 noon and my next one starts at 1pm. It's an acting II class. I added this at the last minute. I had my first class on Monday. SO to kill time today. I drove to the nearest Taco Bell, which I actually asked someone where one was because I guess i wanted it THAT bad. And good it was indeed.

I just hate sitting with people and trying new things. Yeah, I know what you are thinking... "Why then choose acting and why be doing Acting II? That means you did Acting I".

Yes, I did take acting I and I really enjoyed it. This class though, acting II is something entirely different. These people are just as relaxed as they were in my other class, but more serious about acting. Since it is at a different school, everyone here is absolutely new to me. Some know each other already. That's a bit disconcerting. But because I am keeping quite optimistic with what I want to do in the acting field, then I plan to stay and complete the course.
So wish me the best as I take this course :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Luna Goes to School

This week has been quite busy and yet fulfilling! I started school on Wednesday. It was very scary to be there. I went to college last semester to do an acting class. It was a fun class. I found that I actually liked school and decided to go back to school to work on marketing and selling.

I hadn't been in "real" school in a long long time. No, I'm not old. I 25, but the last time I was at a real sit down and listen to a teacher school was in 9th grade. After that, it was home school and get my GED.

I had a good time and found it wasn't scary at all. I guess because I went to my acting class and that helped immensely , then this is a piece of cake. Well the sitting in class with others at least.
I just added another acting class too. I'll see how that goes.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mesa's 2nd Friday Night out...... The Update

So here we it, Saturday morning.

I wish I could have gotten up this morning and shared this update immediately because it was a huge success. The truth of it was that it was not. Not even close to it.

2nd Friday Night Out was just straight out dead. Last time I went was in Oct 2010. It was very lively ( or dead, considering it was a zombie night theme) and people everywhere. I made alright that time with sales but received plenty of views. When I arrived to check in, there was a line and I was about 8 slots in before they completely ran out of booths. They are free, on a first come first serve basis.

Well, I arrived at around 5:40ish and it was very quiet in the office. There were booths set up already, some just finishing setting up. I remember how the sidewalks were lined with tents of all colors, setting up. This night, there were maybe 1/3 of that crowd. There were musicians there too, and I believe one musician to every block and side of the street. This one poor guy was so out there, and so alone because there weren't any stores open and not enough vendors came to fill up his area. I felt so bad for him.

As for us, we set up and it looked pretty darn good. I brought my sister and mom, each having their own items to sell too. The people that did come through were just passing by, off to some store. The ones that stopped to look, were doing just that, looking only. The only one that sold was me and I sold 3 whopping dollars. Not even worth the drive and time we took to get there, since I live about 30 minutes away from Mesa...freeway time!

We left around 9pm, an hour earlier. Just not worth my time. We had fun as a family being there but a lousy time for selling.

I don't know what is the matter,they promote, have it monthly, have cool themes every month and it is free. I just can't fathom what has made this great idea sink. For sure, I'm not returning there ever as a vendor. Even if it was free, I would have been happy with just people browsing through my shop, but not even that.

For all who have been there and had success, feel free to comment and share your story. This is solely my opinion and a few others who also came to the same conclusion.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My latest treasury! Mermaids

I did a new treasury at my Luna Leon Etsy shop. It looks absolutely lovely!

It's named: Mystical Beauty of the Sea

I added a lot of beautiful art and crafts from the site. A few I really wanted for myself. I kept thinking about my sister and my niece. They are "little mermaid" fanatics, so you can imagine how excited they would be!

Fun with Google Translate

Perhaps, it's because I have a show tomorrow and I have early jitters, Perhaps it's the coffee I'm drinking, perhaps it's the fact that it's still rather early, perhaps I'm just losing it..... Perhaps, I'm quite normal.

I have been asked by my father to translate some paperwork from English to Spanish. I can speak it well, just don't except an accent, that's long gone :'(

So here I am looking for a reliable site that I can use to translate because I just don't trust my own translating. So I land upon this Google Translate. Which I might add, Google has got just about everything, right?

You click what you want to translate and it will translate it for you. Cool? Yes. Beyond normal translating sites? No. But wait! On the right is a an audio option that you can actually hear what you translated. All I can say is this site can make translating quite entertaining.

So here is the link and have fun!
Google Translate

Friday, January 7, 2011

Mesa's 2nd Friday Night out

I've been accepted to Mesa's 2nd Friday night out.

It's a lively place where people walk around, check out the booths set up. Only artists are allowed to set up and the best part is that it is FREE! Yes that's right!

I will be there next Friday, Jan.14th 2011 from 6pm - 10pm

I will be placing other fellow artists business cards in the paper bags that I use to put the merchandise bought in. If you'd like to send me some cards, I'd love to put them in my bags. That way everytime I sell something, that buyer will also get your business card or any other info you'd like to send.

No charge, just want to help out all you other sellers out there :)
Message me or leave me your info at 602-456-1445,my Luna-Leon Business voicemail. I'll send you the address where you can send these to. Thanks