Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All in a BlogShell

Can't believe the last time that I was here was back in August!
Well I'm still alive and well :) That's always a good thing isn't it :) Ever had a "OMG,I think I'm pregnant" issue? We did not too long ago. I am in the process of going from pills to an IUD. I just was tired of the pills and I think they were making me crazy, which I have yet to prove as I haven't been quite entirely sane.
Alas,I am not. We jumped for joy. We have two kids already!

My sister recently reminded me of our childhood fav. show. SAILOR MOON! So off I went to watch them again. This time with my 3 yr old daughter who loved it too!

It's been like 9 months since I started reading Diana Gabaldon's Outlander books! I just finished listening to all 5 unabridged books at work ;) They are the best. She just came out with her latest edition of these cool people Jaime and Claire last September. I am waiting for the library to have them ready for me. I'm not willing to pay $200+ for the audiobooks, too lazy to read the entire gazillion pages.

Well I must say,I THOUGHT I was good pet person. Apparently not so. In the last 2 years, I've brought home 5 cats to my home to be friends with my only cat Zelda who is now 8 years old. Flayme,Wolverine,Orroz,Rozzy and KingKong. Flayme left me for another owner ( I see him here and there still), Wolverine ran off or was catnapped, Orroz was runover by a car crossing the road, Rozzy went outside and dorkhead thought he knew his way home, and KingKong ran off with a litter of homeless kittens.

Then I brought home 4 puppy/dogs. I only have one left, 2 didn't work out and they were adopted out to another family who doesnt mind little chihuahuas and my little puppy Sunbear died from Parvo :( His brother Jehraiya did make it through and is not a lunatic 4 month old rottie/lab.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm excited to go to work tonight!

Well its not for the reasons you're thinking. Pay's good, job itself is laid back and quiet. Plus, we are allowed to listen to anything we want in our headsets.

I am excited because I am listening to the coolest book on CD in the world. Its the Outlander series from Diana Gabaldon.

4 hours to get paid to type and listen to the coolest series.
*throws fist into air* YAY!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The pet peeve found at my job

So here I work at a cubicle workroom type place. I type for the USPS fixing your typos and return to senders(RTS). For some odd reason I cannot place, they removed all 8 clocks leaving only 1! Thats right! Just one for all the workroom that consists of over 200 computers. *SIGH*

So from where I was sitting, I had to turn around completely to see the clock. Now why am I so into clocks?
Well my job is a place where every second counts. We are to type as soon as we sit down. Breaks are to be EXACT. No More no Less. No cellphones allowed and I just happen to have my watch dead.

So here I was looking back at the clock every 10 -15 minutes,counting down to go to break. During one of these intervals, I turned around to find a man sitting behind me with the computer monitor cranked all the way high! He must like the up high feeling because not only his monitor, but himself and the whole darn desk was at its highest capacity!

I couldn't see the clock at all. I had to literally moved my whole body to a side just to see it. I just wanted to smack the man and tell him to move or something. But of course I couldn't.

I found out that it annoyed me soo much like when people leave the towels on the floor, chew gum like a cow, that annoying lilt in the voice, the extremely high pitched voice, the slow 10 miles under per hour driver, the tailgater, the extreme weaver, hair in stockings, the sticky shoe, gum under your shoe, the handicapped parking stealer, the back washer, the partner in bed that hogs up all the sheets at night , the unflusher, the one person who calls you every week for money and so on and so one.......

We all have pet peeves, some more than others. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about pet peeves.

Pet peeve
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For the 1980s metal band, see Pet Hate. For other uses, see Pet peeve (disambiguation).

A pet peeve (or pet hate) is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to them, to a greater degree than others may find it. Examples may be poor table manners, sloppy kitchen hygiene, smoking, grammatical errors in written passages, inconsiderate driving or lazy co-workers, and loud gum smacking.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bras and the lost Rozz

Well Mr Rozz, you left my home and wandered off. What exactly were you thinking? That you'd hang around the block and come back just as easily? Little do I know where you are. But knowing you, you probably me someone that petted you and there you went. You've always been a friendly bugger.
Anyways, Just in case you are reading this, you crazy cat, I did look for you and posted your furry face on the web so some one perhaps may have found you.
Well, good luck where ever you are at my friend. I'm sure life will be well as long as you get treats, lots of good crunchy food and the occasional bare ankle. Oh yes, I almost forgot.....toilet paper, you need rolls of toilet paper.

Now off to a different subject before I cry for the loss of a cat or perhaps get angrier that he took off.
I was driving home and began to think about bras. Yes, my friend, bras. Us ladies should always wear one. I understand that sometimes its not worn because perhaps one wants to look sexy.....or something.
But have you ever seen those women that makes you think that the bra was made for them in specific? I'm sure you all have seen the nasty sight of the liquid mush that fly about as they walk???? Oh yuck.
I remember going to the theater with my family and we passed this family.
The woman was big and had a t shirt on without the bra. It scared me, I wondered why she didn't wear one. She really needed one and that was in no way sexy. No sir-e!
SO please spare the bad memories and wear one if you need one...please.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Its 12:52 am

So here I am typing at almost 1am! What to say what to say?
Well I had this super idea just the other day! My vision is to make JeByJa a business where I can enjoy what I am doing, people love my items AND do my own thing.

I thought that once I make enough, I'm going to pack up my things and move to Rocky Point and live there for a while. Perhaps open a little shop there and make my things there with Rocky Point designs for the tourists to take home!

AHH well, I have lived here my whole life and up until recently did I think I'd remain here. I am slowly making me way around the world selling JeByJa!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rozz the Tuxedo Kat

A few months ago, I went to the Az Humane Society in search of a male tuxedo kitty. This would be my 3rd tux kitty. They seem to be all adventurers as my 1st one, Zorro, resembled King Kong with his losses and wins of fights marked on his face.
My 2nd,Orroz, (yes it is backwards for Zorro) feared nothing. He did not fear water, baths, kids, my husband's big feet or unfortunately, cars.

So here we are now at the pound looking for a tux kitty. I only found one. He was way on the highest level of glass cubbies. He was 10 months old and lying on his side apparently worn out or just tired.... "of what?" I thought.

I had in my mind of coming home with a baby kitten and this only tux kitty was not a small kitten any longer.
I walked past him yet again. Getting ready to leave, I walked past him one more time. My finger slid across his glass window and his greenish yellow eyes just followed them. I passed them through again and his little paw lazily tried to swipe at it. Oh this one is playful indeed. And I thought "what the heck, I'm here already".

I called the lady and were put in the "get to know each other" room.
Once alone, he went through the whole place scoping it out. He climbed on the kitty post and on the chairs. When I pet him , he let me. The true tux came out, apparently he played rough.
By the time we were acquainted, he'd left some pretty welted scratches on my hand from playing.

I took him home. I named him Rozz. Another alteration of my famous Zorro. This little guy follows me up and down the stairs. Never walk with out socks or shoes. He will pounce. I recently taught him how to unroll the bathroom roll as none of my kitties ever did that.

He stands on his hind legs and wraps his paws around my hand when he knows there's a treat in my hand. Never claws to get it. He loves to catch flies and you'll see him jumping here and there.

He also is a dear devil. I have a thin curtain the serves as a cover for my kitchen pantry. He loves to jump and claw his way up til his claws can't hold any longer.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to the Real Life of Janet Marquez

Well, I have had a super desire to write about little thoughts that come to mind. I don't really intend to use my blog to entice people to follow, but if my thoughts seem like something that you'd want to follow.... By all means, I'm glad.

Today was my son's first playdate! He is 5 years old and invited a buddy from church to go with us to no other than McDonald's. I believe that is where all first play dates should happen. Watching them play made me think about how time really has jetted by!
I remember this little boy when he was a little bump in his momma's belly. That little grown up bump is now playing with my little grown up bump!

I was very young when I had this little guy. I was 18, barely getting to 19. He was a little bugger weighing only 5lbs 14 oz. He had these gigantic feet that even the nurses were amazed! I'll have to load a pic of them soon. Anyways, the one who perhaps gave the huge feet is his father. The man has a size ranging from 13-14! Yes, It's true.

Don't really know what happened as my son is still small and my almost 3 year old can beat him up!