Sunday, July 12, 2009

Welcome to the Real Life of Janet Marquez

Well, I have had a super desire to write about little thoughts that come to mind. I don't really intend to use my blog to entice people to follow, but if my thoughts seem like something that you'd want to follow.... By all means, I'm glad.

Today was my son's first playdate! He is 5 years old and invited a buddy from church to go with us to no other than McDonald's. I believe that is where all first play dates should happen. Watching them play made me think about how time really has jetted by!
I remember this little boy when he was a little bump in his momma's belly. That little grown up bump is now playing with my little grown up bump!

I was very young when I had this little guy. I was 18, barely getting to 19. He was a little bugger weighing only 5lbs 14 oz. He had these gigantic feet that even the nurses were amazed! I'll have to load a pic of them soon. Anyways, the one who perhaps gave the huge feet is his father. The man has a size ranging from 13-14! Yes, It's true.

Don't really know what happened as my son is still small and my almost 3 year old can beat him up!

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