Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bras and the lost Rozz

Well Mr Rozz, you left my home and wandered off. What exactly were you thinking? That you'd hang around the block and come back just as easily? Little do I know where you are. But knowing you, you probably me someone that petted you and there you went. You've always been a friendly bugger.
Anyways, Just in case you are reading this, you crazy cat, I did look for you and posted your furry face on the web so some one perhaps may have found you.
Well, good luck where ever you are at my friend. I'm sure life will be well as long as you get treats, lots of good crunchy food and the occasional bare ankle. Oh yes, I almost forgot.....toilet paper, you need rolls of toilet paper.

Now off to a different subject before I cry for the loss of a cat or perhaps get angrier that he took off.
I was driving home and began to think about bras. Yes, my friend, bras. Us ladies should always wear one. I understand that sometimes its not worn because perhaps one wants to look sexy.....or something.
But have you ever seen those women that makes you think that the bra was made for them in specific? I'm sure you all have seen the nasty sight of the liquid mush that fly about as they walk???? Oh yuck.
I remember going to the theater with my family and we passed this family.
The woman was big and had a t shirt on without the bra. It scared me, I wondered why she didn't wear one. She really needed one and that was in no way sexy. No sir-e!
SO please spare the bad memories and wear one if you need one...please.

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