Friday, December 31, 2010

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So all you need to do is follow my blog and that enters you to win any item in my newest shop LUNALEON But don't let this stop you from just checking out my shop anyways. It's filled with the coolest and chic-est( ???) hair accessories for a super great price~!

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Bringing up Girls

So here I sit typing and trying to make sense of everything that has been going on in my head....
It's not that I'm thinking about the new year that'll creep in about a few hours now.
It's just that there's there jumble of thoughts and ideas in my head, and there are roads right ahead of me that I must decide which road to take.

Should I stay here in this house that hasn't been sold yet or should I move along and just get it over with and find a rental house and somehow let the short sale ways take it's course?

When will I tell them I'm getting burned out? Soon I hope, or else it'll be too late

Should I go to school now? Or later on this next year?

Which course should I take?

So many things that I need to do and decide.

But just now, I sat down and began reading "bringing up Girls" by Dr Dobson. It stopped all the things that were going on in my head and brought me to one of the most important ones that I think about but not really tackle.
My daughter. She is a strong willed but such a lovable child. She is her own little person and that is what causes our struggles.

I read the first chapter of this book and it hasn't really focused on anything certain subject, but made me realize that I should have been reading this book years ago. She is still small and the worst of the raising unruly child is yet to come, but I feel that I need to hurry in on this book and gather all the knowledge.

This little creature is what I should be focusing on. She was our little surprise and I feel like I haven't taken the time to really get to know how these little girls work. Things are different for me than they are for her now. All things are different.
These thoughts have been jumbled, but that's alright. I now have extra room in my brain. Till next time

Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Mishap ... and me trailing behind to see the action

Let me begin with the order of happenings. This morning, as I was driving home from dropping my son at school, I happen to behind a very peculiar truck.
This is one of those dually trucks. This guy had construction equipment hanging from the back of truck, including a ladder. Nothing weird right???

Well this ladder was about 12 feet long and about 8 feet of it was hanging out to the right. Now I dont know if he knew this but he was driving on the right lane and seemed to drive normal. I thought it was a little too close to the objects on the sidewalk , specifically a couple that was walking on the sidewalk. I'm 100% sure that these poor folks were about to get knocked out by this 40 mile per hour travelling ladder except that luckily the sidewalk is one of those that isn't directly next to the street but winds around good thing they weren't very close.

I usually turn left and carry on, but I just had to keep following this truck for I knew that he surely couldn't keep missing things with the ladder hanging so.
Sure enough after a couple of near misses with signs, poles and trees, he finally hit something. Actually 3 things he hit before he realized what was going on.

He hit a tree branch first, you could see the branch shaking to and fro violently. Next he hit a pole and that probably should the ladder and resonated into his truck because he slowed down but not till he hit a traffic sign that was a few feet from the pole. He slowed down some extra more and took a wide turn to the next right.
I had to chuckle because he must have felt luck a fool but I can't believe that could have hit a person! Just glad he didn't. Too bad I was driving or else I would have pulled out the phone a shot a video.

Now after posting the first comment, I don't know if I should post my next post. So I will leave it for the next one.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutorial - How to package your merchandise from home

I remember when I first started selling online. I received my first order, I was ecstatic! I may have jumped for joy for a couple minutes straight!
Then it hit me, how am I supposed to mail this out? I finally figured it out and didn't get it just right till a few more sales.

I want to help you get an idea on how you can package your orders from home.

You need:
(make sure it can give you weight in ounces.)
2)Packaging materials-
i.e. Tape,Box,bubble wrap, envelope, thank you note, business card, printer, scissors

Wrap your item accordingly, please make sure that you wrap items well. You can put item in a box or an envelope, depends on what you are sending.
It is nice to send a thank you note and a business card. I write in the back of my business card (2 birds with 1 stone).

On your envelope or other packaging, write the person who you are sending it to in the right side, big (not huge) legible writing.
** This may be redundant, please read all blog for complete info***
On the upper left corner, write your return address. I like to include the name of my company. It looks professional and eases the people who are very sketchy about things like that.

Now that your package is ready to go, use the scale to weigh the package. If it is .08 ounces, for example, round up to 1 ounce. If it is 1 lb, 9.1 ounces, round up to 1lb 10 oz. The post office charges by the oz and they will round up as well, never down.

Now you have several options here once you know what it weighs-
You can go to USPS and calculate postage and then add the stamps yourself.
You can send it using PayPal's system ( I use this often, you can get confirmation for $0.19).
You can use system to mail out, it's kind of like Paypal's
You can use your own mailing system like

Pay and Print.You can print label using regular paper and just tape it to the package or the sticker kind.

***If you use the last 3 options, you won't have to write the address on the package. It will print out this nice sheet with everything on it.

Now to send it on its way,
If your package weighs more than 13oz, you need to call for pickup from USPS or take it in, but that defeats the purpose of this blog, doesn't it? *grin*

IF your package weighs less than that and it is domestic mail ( not international) you can send it out like regular mail.
IF your package IS international, then you would unfortunately need to go to the post office because you need to fill out a customs form. The custom form is needed for all international packages with merchandise.

Feel free too ask me any questions if this doesn't make sense or you need help. I'll try my best. Also, please add anything I left out! ;-)

Hope this helps,

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My purchase of the day

So I am getting ready to start doing my craft shows again. This time I am all in. I've thought about my decorations and the items I need to make my booth look great.

Today i went thrift shopping with my husband and I could not believe what my husband found! He found a Fiona Mannequin head with 100% real human hair! She was only $5. I had just gone into a beauty shop the day before and they were $45. Her hair needs some major brushing, but she is in perfect condition. I also got a hold of some Styrofoam heads too.

I'm just about ready to make this happen!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekday Wrap up

So here is Friday, so many people look forward to this time as their weekend approaches. But here I AM, typing up my blog in absolute silence, all that I need with me is my coffee.

I just finished my 2nd week of my acting class. It is one of the most funniest classes I have ever had. So far we are doing alot of interacting games, but somehow, those games has helped us be comfortable with each other. More on those classes coming up as they come.
Last Tuesday, we took my son and husband to have their haircut. I enjoy walking into barber shops, they never seem to change. Sure the hairstyle requests change ( some don't ) but they idea, the equipment are the same. This certain barber that cut their hair was probably middle eastern and had the most impression attire for his line of work. This man was in his early 60's no doubt with this white linen type button down shirt with black printed bold designs. White matching slacks and these nice white leather no doubt shoes. I was totally impressed, he looks so professional doing his work.

Yesterday,(Thurs) I have my very first pedicure and manicure! Yep, we went in with my mother in law to get her nails painted and my daughter's name done. I just casually mentioned it and she told the owner that I was to get both, paid by her. It was very odd at first since I had no clue what to do. Ladies came in like pros with their magazines and here I am with my hands to my side and not knowing where to look as I saw this guy work wonders on my feet. *grin* He actually asked me if I'd been walking lately....."yes , I have" I slowly responded. What? So what if my feet are dirty! :P

Ah yes, one last thing, since I mentioned that we interact quite a bit in my class. there is this one gal that I got to know much better yesterday. She is off a certain belief and had told me that she secretly chose that acting class. She wanted to take it last year but that her brother refused to let her as he chose her classes for her. She said that they believe (her family ) that acting is a terrible choice and is corrupt. I can almost feel her pain. But yes, Hollywood can be but the mere acting is not. There are so many things one can do with such acting exp. She said that if anyone in her family found out, she'd be in trouble and was afraid of getting kicked out of the house. I was very sorry to hear that.

Long post, I know but I had these on my mind and now that they are on "paper" I can recycle my brain.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fingerless Gloves were made and the Cat was being a little Pest

I just love thrift store shopping. I haven't really stepped foot in a department store lately. Actually I can't remember the last time I was inside a store shopping for myself. I do all of my shopping in the thrift stores. Years Years, I mean YEARS ago I thought thrift shops as icky,gross and full of outdated clothing.

Well as I have seen gross, icky and outdated clothing/items, there are plenty of great stuff. I always keep an eye for vintage that would go great in my vintage shop. I have a so-so eye for it.
I did come out with a few good selections of clothing, some hair curlers and lots of fabric,all half price.

So I finally got the chance to work on my fingerless gloves. I used black knit lace fabric. I made it to be fitted and slightly past my wrists. I didn't have much light left or time to work on them, so I left them plain. But I was very happy with the results. I have lots of ideas for what else I want to make, with border lace, rhinestones and buttons.

Creating these was quite fun but I had a couple little furry creatures climbing and playing all around me and on me. I have 4 little five month old kittens and the momma plus another 8 yr old cat. Funny how each kitten has its own character. The one I will talk about today is Little Brother, this one loves to climb on me and hang around my neck. He will often do this given the chance. He not only does that but he loves to nibble me and what I can only explain as grooming the nape of my neck with his little teeth. feels very weird and makes me squirm. He apparently enjoys doing it.He is the only one that does this. Each one does his own thing, but this one is extremely loving and affectionate with me. Purrs like a maniac.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fingerless Gloves, Sales, Booths and Life goes on

Another lovely post about what goes on in my head or life.

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already that I've been jogging/power walking continually. I still don't know how many miles I have been doing. I walk around the good sized park 2 times the first week and 3 times the 2nd week. i do this about 3 times a week. I havent really noticed a difference, but I'm sure it'll gradually show in a few weeks more. I go early in the morning because I'm in Arizona and its August, very hot! Today wasn't bad at all. It felt great because it was cloudy and felt like March.

I've somehow woken up the craft booth side of me that wants to do them again. After my last ones in May, i was ready to quit for the time. Now the talk about the season and months and kick off this and kick off that! I think I am ready to start up again.
I've done some majoy brainstorming and will be having lots of changes to everything about my booth.
My sales approach will be different, my set up will change. I will no longer carry the items that didn't sell and just weighed down my shop even though I desperately tried to make it work. I am also wanting to do all of the craft days that the fair will have. Which is every Saturday beginning October.
I am so excited.
I no longer make the items that barely sold or not at all, it is sad since I've mentioned before that I wanted to make it work. I started making a new range of items and those seem to work much better.

On a different topic other than sales, I pulled up instructions on how to make fingerless gloves made from knit fabric. It will be for my own personal use, I am very excited about it. Hopefully I can make my first pair tomorrow morning.
If these become a success in my world, I will post them up in like a Youtube video or Squidoo so that others can make these too. I so far havent been able to find a video that is very basic and to the point. A lot of how to knit gloves but not the idea I am wanting to accomplish.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My One Week Etsy Promoting Experiment

For the Week of July 18-July 24, I spent my time promoting only on Etsy. I promoted in the Forums, I went to the chats,listed more items, edited posts, read Storque and I made several Treasuries. I spent the same amount of time doing this as I normally have promoting everywhere.

My results were that I had an all time high record for both shops,and the I had at least one sale everyday at either shop. I received more hearts as well.
My conclusion is that this is a great place to get views but not really to get record sales from non-Etsians.

This week has been about Facebook, BigCrumbs and I'll keep you posted on what I find

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking into making some tutorial for YouTube

Yep.I thought it... I said it....well type it.*grin*
There are few things that I have in mind that I know its not really there.

Egg and salt project
those badge factory tutorials
Maybe some hair styles since I have really long hair
how to melt vinyl records

these are just ideas.

Well anyways, I have never owned a natural gas stove. Well we just moved to a new place that has a gas stove and water boiler. I just love it. It heats things up quicker. Somewhat scarier though.

As for the water boiler, it looks the same. But we were told that it will save us up to 35% b/c its what is used most. True enough

I just watched the Twilight movies 1 and 2. They are actually pretty interesting. I had to watch them with my dear ole hubby and he kept going on and on about how lame it was.
I told him I wasnt going to invite him to go watch the 3rd one which just came out. But I can't seem to go see it alone, so it'll have to wait til it gets to the cheaper theatres. Maybe...just maybe I can get him to go with me there. I just love their popcorn. Its better than Harkins and AMC's. It really is. I'm getting all excited about it already. The popcorn I mean.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to redo my shop

I've not really thinking about stopped working on my shop. First it was the excuse that I couldn't sell, then it was that we were busy vacationing( does that even make sense? Busy vacationing?? Thats an oxymoron)
Then there is the excuse that we were moving, that its too hot and yada yada yada.

But this has really helped me as I'm now going into redoing mode.

One way for certain that does not work is listing and listing and not working the shop. I left my shop open but didnt promote and chat. My sales and views went D!O!W!N!!!

So what I've done is gone through my entire inventory of both shops and individually charted how they sell, pros, cons and that sort of thing. By the end of this, I'll know just what was a waste of time, what needs to be tweaked. I'll bunch up the bad inventory and sell of to just make revenue.

Also this week, I'll be testing how exactly good Etsy forums are to how they say they are. I'm going to be in the forums like crazy this week , every day to see if I get more views and sales by doing just that. Starting a biz is not easy but hopefully my experiment will help me to see where I am wasting my time.

So wish me luck , and hopefully I can come up with some great data:)

Saturday, May 22, 2010


So here I am. May something or other. I've tried to open this page a few times to begin typing. I couldn't get anything past my fingers though. Actually I think the connection was lost some where before that.
Well Life has continued for me and there's been quite a few going on. But who wants to really know about that??? What? You do? ALRIGHT! Not a problem.
Well I went out running on ..pavement..for the first time. I loved it. I always thought it was fun. It's not really the same when you are on the elliptical. Cause you're usually staring at a piece of carpet, or someones shoes. Just so that you don't look like an idiot running in place in an enclosed box with doors.
Its not really much different I guess in the city either. We are running on sidewalks in front of people houses. Yep, I live in the city. Phoenix.*sigh* I have to drive miles to get to a mountain or some type of actual interesting running place.
For now, its the city and the sidewalk.
As I type this I'm beginning to type faster and my thoughts are actually fighting to get into little words on this screen.
I just remembered, I took half of a Lipodrene. Those babies work awesome. I take half of one b/c more than that will give me the jitters, and thats never fun. Well I just remembered...again.... that I need to be running now and not typing. Be back later

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Encounters with the Celebs...or close to it

I'm sorry but I am one of those that read People Mag and OK. I just love the news on these over paid people wishing I had some of their money,but not the drama. Cause people like me enjoy to relax at home and read their updates.

This just got me thinking about the closest I've come to celebs. Believe me though, I don't fantasize about them or anything.

When I was in 7th grade, my class had a class trip to Planet Hollywood, remember that place?? Some hot spot I guess that people went to and there was memorabilia of celebs and such. Anyways, that must have been our lucky day cause guess who was there dining?

George Clooney himself! Yep, All of us kids just gathered (stampeded over) to him and had him sign our hands, paper and in my case a $1 bill. *smirk*

It was one of most fun times I had and having a signed dollar bill was even cooler.My friend took pictures. One day I should really ask her for a copy or two.

My next one would be about my twitter page. There was a time when I followed back all who followed me. Well one day I saw that a "john legueizamo" followed me.

I thought maybe its one of those people who take the name but isn't really them. I did some checking and sure enough. He was following my tweets! I doubt he said " Hey I think this girl tweets cool stuff" But you know, he still followed me first!

Now there another person, it was a rapper who came to Phoenix and was shopping at a shoe store when we were there. Of course security wouldn't let any one near the guy and since I wasn't his music fan, I can't remember who the guy was.

Thats as close as it'll be in my books. My family has seen or been around some people too.

My uncle served the Former President Clinton as an El Torito restaurant. Also, my cousin was flown from Oregon to Arizona just to be part of a catering group that fed people who went to a private Mariah Carey concert! She could hear her singing but wasn't ( of course) allowed near where the private concert was being held. Did I mention that Mariah is my cousin's all time fav singer for over 12 years!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first workout class session

I've been going to the gym for 2 months now. I go as often as my limited time permits which is about twice weekly.
This gym's not so bad as I only pay $18 monthly and we can attend classes if we want, plus we get 1 monthly personal session with a trainer.

Today though started like most times, go in w/ or w/out my daughter. Jump on the Elliptical machine for about 12 min. 30 min doing free weights, then the last remaining 15 min.I go back to the Elliptical or treadmill.

BUT..... as I was halfway through my first Elliptical session, this lady comes by and is recruiting people for her 10am ab workout session. i tell her yes when she comes by and off I go to the room.

It was 25 minutes of this beginner but killer workout. I felt like I've been recruited into the Army or something as I just couldn't keep up with her. There were about 25 of us in the room. The majority were new like me. It was something quite tough. Afterwards, without really breaking a sweat, she tells us "come back next week,same time"
I thought to myself as I walked out, "yes, i won't see this gym again til next week!"
But it was really good, I must admit. I can't name or even try to describe the type of exercises we did. So lets see how I feel tomorrow.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What did I do today?

Too much . My eyes hurt from typing and typing on the computer.Its now Piano time! This is what I am trying to learn

It is merengue and I'm so new to it, I get headaches from just watching!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I was at the MAC Fest in Mesa,ARIZONA

A little input of what was the highlight of the week.
Yesterday,I had another craft show in Mesa,Az. I have to say, I really now know what they mean by "you get what you pay for".
To enter the show, it was only $15.00. There were people who came by,but they mostly glanced and kept going where they needed to go. Hardly worth it.BUt it was a great learning experience.
I learned to have more inventory. Also to make pricing easier to be read. I learned a few new ways to set up my booth to make it look nicer.
So to another show I'll go next week in Fountain Hills.

Anyways, So Talim(my newest puppy) is now 7 1/2 weeks old and she hasn't (Thank God) contacted the Parvo virus that unfortunately killed my other puppy SunBear. She is being kept indoors only. She is a Rottweiler /Labrador mix. So it Jehraiya,but he is 6 months old. They have the cutest eyes. I think they are Lab eyes. Talim has a tail but Jehraiya had his docked. She is too old to get it done, IMAO.

Also,Wolverine is pregnant! I didn't think she could ever have kids as she is now 3 years old and never been able to. She miscarried once before. Maybe she was just looking for Mr. Right. Apparently she did.Good for her,but now I have to pay for her children. As for her eye, it's still needing to be removed. And every once in a while, it'll start to get infected. I apply some Terrimicyn, or whatever its called to her eye and it clears right up. Don't know what I'm talking about?? Check out my abandoned blog JeByJa

Monday, March 15, 2010

Welcome back Janet

Ahh.... It's 1:14 am,Monday morning and here I am typing my thoughts away. I began cleaning my house around 11pm and now its just about done. I called it a night though since I have so much on my mind that its now time to relieve the mental pressure.
So here we go *pops cork*

So I began JeByJa in 2008 which the simple idea of just recreating denim skirts. One thing, as always, leads to another. Here I am 1 1/2 years later with more ideas than ever but not sure which one is worth the risk. Ever been there. Dave Ramsey did say that if something is not working then go some where else. Which is where I've been at lately.

I just brought home a new puppy. Names Talim. She is now 6 1/2 weeks old. My mom has her brother. So it will be a joy to watch them grow up. This time I vaccinated my puppy on time. Unfortunately being a doggie newbie, I didn't know that parvo could really kill a pet so quickly. I now have two pups. Jehraiya my other one is now 6 months old. His brother SunBear would have been quite a looker as he was a big massive fluff pup. Rest his little soul.