Thursday, April 8, 2010

Encounters with the Celebs...or close to it

I'm sorry but I am one of those that read People Mag and OK. I just love the news on these over paid people wishing I had some of their money,but not the drama. Cause people like me enjoy to relax at home and read their updates.

This just got me thinking about the closest I've come to celebs. Believe me though, I don't fantasize about them or anything.

When I was in 7th grade, my class had a class trip to Planet Hollywood, remember that place?? Some hot spot I guess that people went to and there was memorabilia of celebs and such. Anyways, that must have been our lucky day cause guess who was there dining?

George Clooney himself! Yep, All of us kids just gathered (stampeded over) to him and had him sign our hands, paper and in my case a $1 bill. *smirk*

It was one of most fun times I had and having a signed dollar bill was even cooler.My friend took pictures. One day I should really ask her for a copy or two.

My next one would be about my twitter page. There was a time when I followed back all who followed me. Well one day I saw that a "john legueizamo" followed me.

I thought maybe its one of those people who take the name but isn't really them. I did some checking and sure enough. He was following my tweets! I doubt he said " Hey I think this girl tweets cool stuff" But you know, he still followed me first!

Now there another person, it was a rapper who came to Phoenix and was shopping at a shoe store when we were there. Of course security wouldn't let any one near the guy and since I wasn't his music fan, I can't remember who the guy was.

Thats as close as it'll be in my books. My family has seen or been around some people too.

My uncle served the Former President Clinton as an El Torito restaurant. Also, my cousin was flown from Oregon to Arizona just to be part of a catering group that fed people who went to a private Mariah Carey concert! She could hear her singing but wasn't ( of course) allowed near where the private concert was being held. Did I mention that Mariah is my cousin's all time fav singer for over 12 years!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My first workout class session

I've been going to the gym for 2 months now. I go as often as my limited time permits which is about twice weekly.
This gym's not so bad as I only pay $18 monthly and we can attend classes if we want, plus we get 1 monthly personal session with a trainer.

Today though started like most times, go in w/ or w/out my daughter. Jump on the Elliptical machine for about 12 min. 30 min doing free weights, then the last remaining 15 min.I go back to the Elliptical or treadmill.

BUT..... as I was halfway through my first Elliptical session, this lady comes by and is recruiting people for her 10am ab workout session. i tell her yes when she comes by and off I go to the room.

It was 25 minutes of this beginner but killer workout. I felt like I've been recruited into the Army or something as I just couldn't keep up with her. There were about 25 of us in the room. The majority were new like me. It was something quite tough. Afterwards, without really breaking a sweat, she tells us "come back next week,same time"
I thought to myself as I walked out, "yes, i won't see this gym again til next week!"
But it was really good, I must admit. I can't name or even try to describe the type of exercises we did. So lets see how I feel tomorrow.