Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My One Week Etsy Promoting Experiment

For the Week of July 18-July 24, I spent my time promoting only on Etsy. I promoted in the Forums, I went to the chats,listed more items, edited posts, read Storque and I made several Treasuries. I spent the same amount of time doing this as I normally have promoting everywhere.

My results were that I had an all time high record for both shops,and the I had at least one sale everyday at either shop. I received more hearts as well.
My conclusion is that this is a great place to get views but not really to get record sales from non-Etsians.

This week has been about Facebook, BigCrumbs and LinkReferral.com. I'll keep you posted on what I find

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking into making some tutorial for YouTube

Yep.I thought it... I said it....well type it.*grin*
There are few things that I have in mind that I know its not really there.

Egg and salt project
those badge factory tutorials
Maybe some hair styles since I have really long hair
how to melt vinyl records

these are just ideas.

Well anyways, I have never owned a natural gas stove. Well we just moved to a new place that has a gas stove and water boiler. I just love it. It heats things up quicker. Somewhat scarier though.

As for the water boiler, it looks the same. But we were told that it will save us up to 35% b/c its what is used most. True enough

I just watched the Twilight movies 1 and 2. They are actually pretty interesting. I had to watch them with my dear ole hubby and he kept going on and on about how lame it was.
I told him I wasnt going to invite him to go watch the 3rd one which just came out. But I can't seem to go see it alone, so it'll have to wait til it gets to the cheaper theatres. Maybe...just maybe I can get him to go with me there. I just love their popcorn. Its better than Harkins and AMC's. It really is. I'm getting all excited about it already. The popcorn I mean.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Time to redo my shop

I've not really thinking about stopped working on my shop. First it was the excuse that I couldn't sell, then it was that we were busy vacationing( does that even make sense? Busy vacationing?? Thats an oxymoron)
Then there is the excuse that we were moving, that its too hot and yada yada yada.

But this has really helped me as I'm now going into redoing mode.

One way for certain that does not work is listing and listing and not working the shop. I left my shop open but didnt promote and chat. My sales and views went D!O!W!N!!!

So what I've done is gone through my entire inventory of both shops and individually charted how they sell, pros, cons and that sort of thing. By the end of this, I'll know just what was a waste of time, what needs to be tweaked. I'll bunch up the bad inventory and sell of to just make revenue.

Also this week, I'll be testing how exactly good Etsy forums are to how they say they are. I'm going to be in the forums like crazy this week , every day to see if I get more views and sales by doing just that. Starting a biz is not easy but hopefully my experiment will help me to see where I am wasting my time.

So wish me luck , and hopefully I can come up with some great data:)