Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Fingerless Gloves were made and the Cat was being a little Pest

I just love thrift store shopping. I haven't really stepped foot in a department store lately. Actually I can't remember the last time I was inside a store shopping for myself. I do all of my shopping in the thrift stores. Years Years, I mean YEARS ago I thought thrift shops as icky,gross and full of outdated clothing.

Well as I have seen gross, icky and outdated clothing/items, there are plenty of great stuff. I always keep an eye for vintage that would go great in my vintage shop. I have a so-so eye for it.
I did come out with a few good selections of clothing, some hair curlers and lots of fabric,all half price.

So I finally got the chance to work on my fingerless gloves. I used black knit lace fabric. I made it to be fitted and slightly past my wrists. I didn't have much light left or time to work on them, so I left them plain. But I was very happy with the results. I have lots of ideas for what else I want to make, with border lace, rhinestones and buttons.

Creating these was quite fun but I had a couple little furry creatures climbing and playing all around me and on me. I have 4 little five month old kittens and the momma plus another 8 yr old cat. Funny how each kitten has its own character. The one I will talk about today is Little Brother, this one loves to climb on me and hang around my neck. He will often do this given the chance. He not only does that but he loves to nibble me and what I can only explain as grooming the nape of my neck with his little teeth. feels very weird and makes me squirm. He apparently enjoys doing it.He is the only one that does this. Each one does his own thing, but this one is extremely loving and affectionate with me. Purrs like a maniac.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Fingerless Gloves, Sales, Booths and Life goes on

Another lovely post about what goes on in my head or life.

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks already that I've been jogging/power walking continually. I still don't know how many miles I have been doing. I walk around the good sized park 2 times the first week and 3 times the 2nd week. i do this about 3 times a week. I havent really noticed a difference, but I'm sure it'll gradually show in a few weeks more. I go early in the morning because I'm in Arizona and its August, very hot! Today wasn't bad at all. It felt great because it was cloudy and felt like March.

I've somehow woken up the craft booth side of me that wants to do them again. After my last ones in May, i was ready to quit for the time. Now the talk about the season and months and kick off this and kick off that! I think I am ready to start up again.
I've done some majoy brainstorming and will be having lots of changes to everything about my booth.
My sales approach will be different, my set up will change. I will no longer carry the items that didn't sell and just weighed down my shop even though I desperately tried to make it work. I am also wanting to do all of the craft days that the fair will have. Which is every Saturday beginning October.
I am so excited.
I no longer make the items that barely sold or not at all, it is sad since I've mentioned before that I wanted to make it work. I started making a new range of items and those seem to work much better.

On a different topic other than sales, I pulled up instructions on how to make fingerless gloves made from knit fabric. It will be for my own personal use, I am very excited about it. Hopefully I can make my first pair tomorrow morning.
If these become a success in my world, I will post them up in like a Youtube video or Squidoo so that others can make these too. I so far havent been able to find a video that is very basic and to the point. A lot of how to knit gloves but not the idea I am wanting to accomplish.