Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My purchase of the day

So I am getting ready to start doing my craft shows again. This time I am all in. I've thought about my decorations and the items I need to make my booth look great.

Today i went thrift shopping with my husband and I could not believe what my husband found! He found a Fiona Mannequin head with 100% real human hair! She was only $5. I had just gone into a beauty shop the day before and they were $45. Her hair needs some major brushing, but she is in perfect condition. I also got a hold of some Styrofoam heads too.

I'm just about ready to make this happen!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekday Wrap up

So here is Friday, so many people look forward to this time as their weekend approaches. But here I AM, typing up my blog in absolute silence, all that I need with me is my coffee.

I just finished my 2nd week of my acting class. It is one of the most funniest classes I have ever had. So far we are doing alot of interacting games, but somehow, those games has helped us be comfortable with each other. More on those classes coming up as they come.
Last Tuesday, we took my son and husband to have their haircut. I enjoy walking into barber shops, they never seem to change. Sure the hairstyle requests change ( some don't ) but they idea, the equipment are the same. This certain barber that cut their hair was probably middle eastern and had the most impression attire for his line of work. This man was in his early 60's no doubt with this white linen type button down shirt with black printed bold designs. White matching slacks and these nice white leather no doubt shoes. I was totally impressed, he looks so professional doing his work.

Yesterday,(Thurs) I have my very first pedicure and manicure! Yep, we went in with my mother in law to get her nails painted and my daughter's name done. I just casually mentioned it and she told the owner that I was to get both, paid by her. It was very odd at first since I had no clue what to do. Ladies came in like pros with their magazines and here I am with my hands to my side and not knowing where to look as I saw this guy work wonders on my feet. *grin* He actually asked me if I'd been walking lately....."yes , I have" I slowly responded. What? So what if my feet are dirty! :P

Ah yes, one last thing, since I mentioned that we interact quite a bit in my class. there is this one gal that I got to know much better yesterday. She is off a certain belief and had told me that she secretly chose that acting class. She wanted to take it last year but that her brother refused to let her as he chose her classes for her. She said that they believe (her family ) that acting is a terrible choice and is corrupt. I can almost feel her pain. But yes, Hollywood can be but the mere acting is not. There are so many things one can do with such acting exp. She said that if anyone in her family found out, she'd be in trouble and was afraid of getting kicked out of the house. I was very sorry to hear that.

Long post, I know but I had these on my mind and now that they are on "paper" I can recycle my brain.