Friday, October 22, 2010

Tutorial - How to package your merchandise from home

I remember when I first started selling online. I received my first order, I was ecstatic! I may have jumped for joy for a couple minutes straight!
Then it hit me, how am I supposed to mail this out? I finally figured it out and didn't get it just right till a few more sales.

I want to help you get an idea on how you can package your orders from home.

You need:
(make sure it can give you weight in ounces.)
2)Packaging materials-
i.e. Tape,Box,bubble wrap, envelope, thank you note, business card, printer, scissors

Wrap your item accordingly, please make sure that you wrap items well. You can put item in a box or an envelope, depends on what you are sending.
It is nice to send a thank you note and a business card. I write in the back of my business card (2 birds with 1 stone).

On your envelope or other packaging, write the person who you are sending it to in the right side, big (not huge) legible writing.
** This may be redundant, please read all blog for complete info***
On the upper left corner, write your return address. I like to include the name of my company. It looks professional and eases the people who are very sketchy about things like that.

Now that your package is ready to go, use the scale to weigh the package. If it is .08 ounces, for example, round up to 1 ounce. If it is 1 lb, 9.1 ounces, round up to 1lb 10 oz. The post office charges by the oz and they will round up as well, never down.

Now you have several options here once you know what it weighs-
You can go to USPS and calculate postage and then add the stamps yourself.
You can send it using PayPal's system ( I use this often, you can get confirmation for $0.19).
You can use system to mail out, it's kind of like Paypal's
You can use your own mailing system like

Pay and Print.You can print label using regular paper and just tape it to the package or the sticker kind.

***If you use the last 3 options, you won't have to write the address on the package. It will print out this nice sheet with everything on it.

Now to send it on its way,
If your package weighs more than 13oz, you need to call for pickup from USPS or take it in, but that defeats the purpose of this blog, doesn't it? *grin*

IF your package weighs less than that and it is domestic mail ( not international) you can send it out like regular mail.
IF your package IS international, then you would unfortunately need to go to the post office because you need to fill out a customs form. The custom form is needed for all international packages with merchandise.

Feel free too ask me any questions if this doesn't make sense or you need help. I'll try my best. Also, please add anything I left out! ;-)

Hope this helps,