Monday, November 15, 2010

Morning Mishap ... and me trailing behind to see the action

Let me begin with the order of happenings. This morning, as I was driving home from dropping my son at school, I happen to behind a very peculiar truck.
This is one of those dually trucks. This guy had construction equipment hanging from the back of truck, including a ladder. Nothing weird right???

Well this ladder was about 12 feet long and about 8 feet of it was hanging out to the right. Now I dont know if he knew this but he was driving on the right lane and seemed to drive normal. I thought it was a little too close to the objects on the sidewalk , specifically a couple that was walking on the sidewalk. I'm 100% sure that these poor folks were about to get knocked out by this 40 mile per hour travelling ladder except that luckily the sidewalk is one of those that isn't directly next to the street but winds around good thing they weren't very close.

I usually turn left and carry on, but I just had to keep following this truck for I knew that he surely couldn't keep missing things with the ladder hanging so.
Sure enough after a couple of near misses with signs, poles and trees, he finally hit something. Actually 3 things he hit before he realized what was going on.

He hit a tree branch first, you could see the branch shaking to and fro violently. Next he hit a pole and that probably should the ladder and resonated into his truck because he slowed down but not till he hit a traffic sign that was a few feet from the pole. He slowed down some extra more and took a wide turn to the next right.
I had to chuckle because he must have felt luck a fool but I can't believe that could have hit a person! Just glad he didn't. Too bad I was driving or else I would have pulled out the phone a shot a video.

Now after posting the first comment, I don't know if I should post my next post. So I will leave it for the next one.