Tuesday, January 4, 2011

36 hours and counting

I have never felt more invalid in my life. I think that I felt of more use even when just giving birth. Alright, so here is what happened.
Yesterday morning, after dropping my son off at school, I came home with a purpose. I came to get this house all cleaned up.

Well I was just 5 minutes into it when I bent over to pick up one of the kid's toys. Coming up, I felt my back just give out. I thought I wouldn't be saying this until I was much older. But here I am at 25, with this terrible back pain.

I couldn't walk up my stairs, I couldn't move anywhere. I thought it'd go away after a few hours.
But, 36 hours later, 1 hot bath, 1 ice/hot pad, 1 pampering hubby, 2 still crazy but considerate kids, 3 visiting family members, ibuprofens, and yummy food, I still myself in pain.
Its not as bad as it was yesterday morning, but still cannot move freely without hurting. It is most likely a back strain. I started having this problems when I had my second child. Ever since having her, I find myself with back pain. I should get myself checked out, but I am afraid to go.

So tomorrow, hopefully I can move more than today. I am getting rather bored watching shows and sleeping all the time. Not as fun when you have to do it over and over again.
Till next time

- Janet

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