Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun with Google Translate

Perhaps, it's because I have a show tomorrow and I have early jitters, Perhaps it's the coffee I'm drinking, perhaps it's the fact that it's still rather early, perhaps I'm just losing it..... Perhaps, I'm quite normal.

I have been asked by my father to translate some paperwork from English to Spanish. I can speak it well, just don't except an accent, that's long gone :'(

So here I am looking for a reliable site that I can use to translate because I just don't trust my own translating. So I land upon this Google Translate. Which I might add, Google has got just about everything, right?

You click what you want to translate and it will translate it for you. Cool? Yes. Beyond normal translating sites? No. But wait! On the right is a an audio option that you can actually hear what you translated. All I can say is this site can make translating quite entertaining.

So here is the link and have fun!
Google Translate

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