Saturday, January 22, 2011

Luna Goes to School

This week has been quite busy and yet fulfilling! I started school on Wednesday. It was very scary to be there. I went to college last semester to do an acting class. It was a fun class. I found that I actually liked school and decided to go back to school to work on marketing and selling.

I hadn't been in "real" school in a long long time. No, I'm not old. I 25, but the last time I was at a real sit down and listen to a teacher school was in 9th grade. After that, it was home school and get my GED.

I had a good time and found it wasn't scary at all. I guess because I went to my acting class and that helped immensely , then this is a piece of cake. Well the sitting in class with others at least.
I just added another acting class too. I'll see how that goes.

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