Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mesa's 2nd Friday Night out...... The Update

So here we it, Saturday morning.

I wish I could have gotten up this morning and shared this update immediately because it was a huge success. The truth of it was that it was not. Not even close to it.

2nd Friday Night Out was just straight out dead. Last time I went was in Oct 2010. It was very lively ( or dead, considering it was a zombie night theme) and people everywhere. I made alright that time with sales but received plenty of views. When I arrived to check in, there was a line and I was about 8 slots in before they completely ran out of booths. They are free, on a first come first serve basis.

Well, I arrived at around 5:40ish and it was very quiet in the office. There were booths set up already, some just finishing setting up. I remember how the sidewalks were lined with tents of all colors, setting up. This night, there were maybe 1/3 of that crowd. There were musicians there too, and I believe one musician to every block and side of the street. This one poor guy was so out there, and so alone because there weren't any stores open and not enough vendors came to fill up his area. I felt so bad for him.

As for us, we set up and it looked pretty darn good. I brought my sister and mom, each having their own items to sell too. The people that did come through were just passing by, off to some store. The ones that stopped to look, were doing just that, looking only. The only one that sold was me and I sold 3 whopping dollars. Not even worth the drive and time we took to get there, since I live about 30 minutes away from Mesa...freeway time!

We left around 9pm, an hour earlier. Just not worth my time. We had fun as a family being there but a lousy time for selling.

I don't know what is the matter,they promote, have it monthly, have cool themes every month and it is free. I just can't fathom what has made this great idea sink. For sure, I'm not returning there ever as a vendor. Even if it was free, I would have been happy with just people browsing through my shop, but not even that.

For all who have been there and had success, feel free to comment and share your story. This is solely my opinion and a few others who also came to the same conclusion.

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  1. Hi Luna Leon, So sorry to hear that second Friday was a flop, but on the other hand so happy I opted out this month. I don't think I'll be going back as a vendor either. I experienced the same results in Oct, Nov and Dec 2010.. Am kind of wondering though what February might bring!