Friday, January 28, 2011

My Friday

Not too long ago, all the days usually were the same for me. But since I've been going to school, I now have a schedule. I now have more favorable days than others. Like today, I had only one class but I actually went in earlier to meet with a friend ( also a new thing for me) to study for a test ( WHHAAT??? [I say this in Shawn Spencer from Psych]). I took a group test and had fun. Yes, you heard correctly.

Afterwards, I went in for a school ID and the main reason for getting one is the fact that I can get a discount at the theater. Oh yeah, and to check out books at the college library. I did not smile and I actually look quite sheepish, but when do I not look like that? I just can't take proper pictures for the sole reason that I am smiling at a person behind a box.

So let's fast forward through out my day. Past the attempt to make decent copies of church flyers for the church, I printed them out in all sorts of colorful papers. Past the terrible customer service at Dollar General. Also let's go by my interview with an appliance retail salesperson for my sales class and also a person I met that I technically already knew sometime in the past. Past picking up my little boy from school who always has a smile on his precious little face. And that extra long grin and little hops when he sees me pulling up at the school. Also past my great deal of the week. A pair of super cool binoculars I found at a yard sale for $20! Past whatever else has taken me to now.

Now. 7pm. I find myself sitting at a local McDonald's, at the kid's play area where I am surprised I can even hear myself think. Like all places where sales of rung up, people come and go. I'm now sitting with the 2nd group of McDonalders. I'm looking at this upgraded play area and realized that it is for toddlers only. Just how many 3 and under year old are really in there? Probably like 2 and the rest are older than that, including my own children. Ooops. It looks rather boring. I remember the ones when I was a kid. They are cool tubes where one could get lost. A plastic ball pit that we often through ourselves into.

Uggghh, I just lost my train of thought. I happen to be sitting next to this guy who just pretty much undressed the girl who just walked past us. I see that often and I'd rather believe that men were still at least inconspicuous.

Well another dufus just took the cake . He was sitting next to me and had his kid almost puking. Just as his kid was getting ready to puke it all out, he leaves and spills his soda. What did he do? Just left. The soda started to run towards me. Poor kids are walking all over the puke that has already run through.

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  1. lol, your post here is why I avoid McDonalds at all costs. Hope your week has been better since then!